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Choosing the correct size Ice Machine


First of all, no two businesses are alike and ice usage is hardly steady even within the same business.  Use this article
as a guideline to assist you.  You know your industry better than anyone. Better to blunder on the side of caution and constantly have ice on hand.

The correctly-sized commercial ice machine for your business will be capable of creating enough ice to keep up with your hourly and daily requests without producing too much extra ice which may end up sitting and melting which in other words means that water, electricity, and money going down the drain.

Keep in mind that usually, commercial ice machines are sized based upon the amount of ice made in a 24-hour period. You so will need to know as a rule of thumb how much ice your application will need during a 24-hour period, in order to regulate what fabrication rate the ice machine must have.

You will probably need to know the number of people being attended by that particular application. And you will need to know what style of ice is required at that specific application.  When choosing your ice machine, reflect what style of ice you are looking for. Different types of ice are more appropriate for particular applications.

Consider purchasing an ice machine precisely for each location or application within your institution. While adding up the total amount of ice that your industry needs and buying a single ice machine unit to make enough ice to supply the whole establishment might save money to begin with, transferring ice from a central location to all of the other points where ice is required can be unproductive, costly, and unhygienic. The ice used in beverages may not be perfect for keeping the food items on the salad bar cool. Employees hastening around with ice totes, then dumping them into ice storage bins opens up the risks for spills and contamination of the ice, not to mention the additional time it takes to repeatedly fill ice totes when sites run out. So it would be highly advised to decide on an ice machine that will perform as well as be the right size for your industry.