Water is pumped into the rotating ice tray. A reservoir in the ice makers makes sure that water is constantly running over the surface of the evaporator. When the water level reaches a certain point in the ice maker, the compressor and fan will then freeze the water intoice. After the ice is freezed, warm refrigerant causes the ice to be released into the bin. If you stop the process until the is ice is needed, both energy and water are saved.
During the ice maker's cycle, the ice tray is filled with water and then it is frozen and the ice cubeds are dumped in the ice bin. Usually an ice maker will produce 8 to 10 ice cubes every 90 minutes, which means that the ice maker will produce 130 ice cubes in a 24 hour period. This estimate will vary depending on the ice tray size and actual cycle time of your specific machine.
Generally an ice machine should be cleaned at least two to four times per year, it all depends on your usage volume, the location of the machine and the water conditions. Before you start cleaning your ice machine, remove any ice cubes that may be left in the ice machine, unplug the machine and remove the ice tray. After you have done that, wipe it down, clean the tray and rebuild it. Run a cleaning cycle then a normal cycle and clean the exterior of the ice machine. If you are looking for a new ice machine, be sure to visit Scotmans Ice Machines today.
If you have a portable ice maker you do not need a water line. With portable ice machines you have to pour water into the unit's reservoir and turn the machine on in order for it to start the production process to produce ice cubes. You only need a water line if you have a refrigerator for water dispensing or ice making.
The ice production capacity is measured with how much ice the unit can make in 24 hours. The ice storage capacity is the amount of ice the unit can hold at any given time. The production capacity is larger than the storage capacity because the machine can produce more ice in a 24 hour period than it can store. When the storage capacity reaches its limit the production process will stop until some of the ice are removed or melted.
Yes, you can use a portable ice machine anywhere you want, as long as there is a power source available. Just keep in mind that the more extreme temperatures, the harder it will be for the ice machine to produce and keep the ice. Be sure to contact Scotsmans Ice Machine today for great quality ice machines.