Why Great Ice Makes Great Cocktails

Why Great Ice Makes Great Cocktails

It might seem silly because ice is just ice to most of us. We tend to think that it just waters our drinks down, and maybe that’s a good thing, especially when they are a little on the strong side. However, ice actually plays an important part in the taste and enjoyment of our beverages! Think about it, when the mixologist makes a cocktail, they add ice to the mixture before doing the strategic mixing and shaking, of course this comes with a few exceptions.

Ice Types

We also know that there are different types of ice, and that sometimes they are used in different cocktails. There are four basic types of ice: block, cubed, shaved and cracked. Each of them has their own purpose when it comes to certain liquors and spirits. Block ice is great for chilling a delicious punch. Cubed ice is great for most types of mixing, this includes shaking, stirring, or drinks on the rocks. Shaved ice is great for a thick and slurry cocktail, or snow cones.  Cracked ice is the best when making frozen drinks as it works best with a blender.

Making the Best Ice

There is more to making ice than freezing water, especially if you have an ice machine. By having the right ice machine for your business it makes a huge difference to the drinks. There are a few tips that make a best practice for great ice, firstly, you should ensure that your ice machine and utensils are cleaned regularly, this is for hygienic purposes. Secondly, you should get the ice machine that is right for your business and your needs. Thirdly, you should keep your ice machine is an open area so that it produces the most amount of ice without straining the machine.

Scotsmans Ice

Of course the driving factor of the cocktail is the flavours; however, a disappointing drink is contributed by the temperature and the type of ice that it uses. When you’re great ice for great cocktails, get a professional ice machine from Scotsmans Ice Head Office. Visit their website to find the perfect machine for your bar, restaurant or personal needs.