Winter isn’t the Time To Melt the Ice

Winter isn’t the Time To Melt the Ice

Those who have had enough experience in the ice industry will know how much of a mistake it is to assume that your stock sells on a seasonal basis. Sure, as we exit summer it gets colder, which results in less of a demand for refreshing, ice-cold drinks, which means that fewer people will be dropping ice-cubes into their glasses; or does it?

In South Africa, it may get cold, but never to the extent where ice is a commodity to be avoided. So if you are an ice seller in South Africa and are thinking of hibernating your business for the winter, here are a few good reasons why now is the worst time to do that.

There is Still a Demand for Ice

As it gets colder, the average household will likely be consuming far less ice than they do in the summer months as ice-cold colas get swapped out for hot mugs of cocoa. But as an ice seller, you are not marketing your wears to households, are you? No, you are likely targeting restaurants, cafes and any other business concerned with hospitality; and they certainly have a consistent need for ice. Think about the last time you went to a restaurant and ordered a drink. Regardless of the weather it likely came with plenty of ice. This is an expectation of consumers, and restaurant and café owners need to meet it. So they will need to keep buying ice from you, and since this is where most of your sales go, you will still be completely in business.

You will Need to Keep your Customers

From your business’s point of view, you will also likely have a few long-term customers that you rely on to keep the cash in your business flowing. These customers can’t be ignored while you enjoy your semi-seasonal downtime, if you do that, you will lose them to a competitor. If they still need ice (and they do) you should keep selling it to them. Just one more reason why the ice business is not a seasonal one.

Your Machines Need to be Worked

Like any machinery, you simply cannot allow ice making machines to sit for too long without being used. If you do, they will see a massive reduction in performance and longevity, and will have you conducting expensive repairs on them. Consider consistent running-times as part of essential maintenance for your machines, which simply cannot be done if you get an entire winter off for downtime.

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