Small Coffee Shop – A Scotsman Makes Sense

Friends gather in coffee houses to spend a moment together, chatting while having a drink. Ice is the first and most important ingredient of any thirst-quenching drink, which should be served with enough ice to keep them chilled throughout without diluting them.

The Scotsman Gourmet Cube is the best shape of ice available to enrich the drink and heighten the value perceived by the customer.

Adding ice cubes to drinks means larger and taller glasses can be used without incurring the cost of adding more drink.

Having your own coffee shop ice machine, means that you will have ice on hand all day, means you not having to leave the store and run out to buy more! It means that when your supplier lets you down, you’re not trudging from garage to garage looking for ice.

Choosing an ice maker to serve your needs does not have to be a daunting task. Scotsman Ice Systems can provide all the technical specifications for your architect or cabinet maker to incorporate the ice machine into your store. We also offer to visit you on site to discuss the best ice machine for your needs.

The small self-contained EC series, with its rounded corners and pleasant appearance can be accommodated into cupboards, as long as sufficient airflow and ventilation for cooling purposes is provided, in addition the EC series has a PWD system (Progressive Water Discharge) for remote water discharge up to 15 metres away and 1.7 meters high.

Peace of mind comes standard with all Scotsman models.

Suitable Ice Machines

EC86 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC106 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC126 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC176 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC206 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC226 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems