The World’s leading brand of Ice Machine is fully supported in your area.

Scotsman Ice Systems provides full after sales service for Scotsman products with our full service facility in Gauteng and Western Cape, and a nationwide network of accredited service agents. You can rest assured that your ice maker is in the best possible hands.

Why consider Scotsman Ice Systems over all the other repair facilities?

We offer:

  • Scotsman Spares
  • Technical Support
  • Telephonic advice
  • Service manuals available via fax, e-mail or internet
  • Spares manuals available via fax, e-mail or internet
  • Warranty support
  • Qualified technicians, trained and dedicated
  • +/- 6 million Rand spares holding in our warehouse in Jetpark
  • Courier service to send spares nationally

What an ice machine service entails:

  • Striping and cleaning all components
  • Removal of scale and lime deposits
  • Sanitising with “Scotsman Cleaning Solutions” specially designed for Scotsman ice machines
  • System check & operational adjustment to restore to factory settings of mechanical and electronic controls
  • Check and adjust refrigerant charge where necessary
  • Full system check and quotation for repairs if necessary

If your ice machine needs spares or repairs:

  • We will submit a quotation via e-mail or fax or telephonically
  • Full written report detailing quotation is available upon request
  • Six month warranty on replacement parts and labour for replaced parts ONLY

Various Scotsman and Icematic spares held ex-stock in Jet Park.