Ice making machines can be used all over the world for a wide variety of purposes. Depending on your requirements, you can buy a small machine for private home use, or go for a larger unit if you run a restaurant or hotel chain. These ice systems for sale are not only durable and made from high quality materials, but they deliver superior ice cubes that can effectively cool beverages and add to the presentation of any drink or food item.

Scotsman Ice Systems in South Africa is a leading provider of high quality ice making machines for sale. We know what it takes to provide a high quality machine that delivers great ice, and our ice machines can be found all over the world. Restaurant owners will enjoy the fact that they can provide their customers with a superior ice cube, especially when using one of our ice making machines. Our MV range provides Super Dice Cubes which have six sides and a larger surface area for excellent cooling abilities. Our MC and EC range of machines provide Super Cubes, which are solid, pure and crystal clear. They will also take longer to melt, so your customers can enjoy their beverages for longer, without melted ice influencing the taste.