Supermarket Ice


Enhances food freshness and quality increasing impulse purchases and keeps products fresher for longer.


Fresh Fish:

Fish transport, storage and presentation using ice is still the most effective solution for this delicate product. Refrigerators that maintain a temperature between -1°C and +2°C, even when using low-dehumidification (static evaporator) technology, cannot ensure the necessary humidity needed by fish to remain in the best quality condition. Ice guarantees near 0°C temperature and very high relative humidity, over 90%. For this reason ice is used throughout the entire fish distribution system: from catch, to transportation, to display counter, allowing the best quality catch to attract customers and higher retail prices.

Fruit & Vegetables:

Ice is effective in preserving and displaying fruit and vegetables at their best.
Maintains the perfect temperature needed for longer shelf life.
Guarantees humidity at the levels needed to prolong freshness and aesthetic appeal.

Deli Counter:

Ice whiteness enhances take-away meal presentation.
Ice releases humidity, the essential element needed for food freshness and preservation.
Essential for refrigerating and moisturising delicate foods like caviar, oysters, shellfish and salads, etc.

Fruit and vegetable juices & beverages:

Ice chills down and allows bottles and cans to collect moisture in the form of condensation, which displays the best sign of ideal drinking temperature and the visual stimulus for impulse purchases.
The perfect, appealing display bed for Fruit Juices, Smoothies, Colas and Beers.

Pre-packed ice cube bags:

Ice as a food is becoming more and more popular for domestic and leisure consumption over and above traditional commercial usage.

Suitable Ice Machines

MC 1210
MF26 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MF36 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MF46 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MF56 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MF66 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MF86 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MXG328 Ice Machine | Scotmans
MXG 438 Ice Machine | Scotmans
MXG638 Ice Machine | Scotmans
NW1008 Ice Machine | Scotmans
NW308 Ice Machine | Scotmans
NW 308
NW 458 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
NW608 Ice Machine | Scotmans