Scotsman Ice enhances the quality of drinks and helps increase the value of each transaction.

Ice provides the ideal temperature for consumption and increases impulse purchases. It can be used in snack bars, coffee houses, lunch venues, pubs, night clubs and restaurants, whether to cool drinks to the right serving temperature or to fill eye-catching displays for promotions of beers, white wine and soft drinks.

Ice is perfect in providing a long-lasting cooling effect as well as creating irresistible droplets on bottles and cans, which customer immediately associate with freshness and coolness – a guaranteed impulse-buy booster.

Adding ice cubes to drinks means larger and taller glasses can be used without incurring the cost of adding more drink.

GOURMET CUBES: MODELS MXG/EC/CD – Round bell shaped cube – 20g

SUPER DICE CUBES : MODELS MV – Square chocolate slab cubes – 10g

A rule of thumb when selecting an ice machine of the correct size for your restaurant is to provide your patrons with 300grams per person, per serving and 1.5 to 2.5kg of ice per ice bucket.

The best way to combine product quality, perceived value and profit margin for the bartender is the following:

  • Increase the size of the glass
  • Pour Generous quantities of ice
  • Pour the correct quantity of spirit (same as previously served)
  • Serve the drink in the best conditions, chilled, refreshing and able to maintain such temperature
  • Continue to charge the same amount serving a better product, or at this point increase the selling price without the doubt of upsetting any of the patrons!

Suitable Ice Machines

AF100 Ice Machine | Scotmans
AF80 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
CD40 Ice Machine | Scotmans
EC106 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC126 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC206 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC226 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC56 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
EC86 Ice Machine | Scotmans Ice Systems
MC 1210
MXG328 Ice Machine | Scotmans
MXG 438 Ice Machine | Scotmans
MXG638 Ice Machine | Scotmans
NW1008 Ice Machine | Scotmans
NW308 Ice Machine | Scotmans
NW 308