Scotsman Workshop Facilities

Service your ice maker with Scotsman Ice Systems (PTY) LTD
What are the benefits of servicing your ice machine annually?

  • It will lengthen the overall life of your ice maker.
  • Unhealthy bacterial growth is destroyed.
  • By reducing scale and rust within the unit, wear and tear on parts is decreased thus reducing future maintenance costs.

What does a service entail?

  • Strip, descaling and sanitize components with scotsman solution, designed to remove scale, rust and bacterial growth.
  • Degrease and pressure wash the condenser coil.
  • Full mechanical check.
  • Full refrigerant check.
  • Re-assemble machine.
  • Re-set controls and wiring to factory specifications.
  • Quote repairs.

Should it be necessary to carry out repairs and replace parts a written quotation will be given and the client’s authorization gained before proceeding. We do not service on site, with the exception of large tonnage units, due to the extensive work carried out on your machine and the toxic chemicals used in the chemical cleaning process. When servicing we uplifted the ice machine from your premises. Our turn-around time varies depending on the workshop load, seasonal influences and extend of work needing to be done on the ice machine. Winter services can play a major role in preventing summer break downs.