Well, it’s the start of winter and we’re all wondering how to keep our spirits warm; but certainly not the ones we drink. There are so many amazing cocktails out there but I think we can all agree, just about all of the best ones are served on ice. So if you were looking to keep it cool this winter with a new cocktail, try one of these deliciously crisp beverages to put some frost on your breath this winter.

 The Moscow mule

What do we love more than load carrying mules? Russian ones of course. No but seriously. Imagine the perfect blend of vodka and ginger beer served in a copper mug. You know what would definitely make that better? Some crushed ice. The copper mug ensures that the perfect temperature is maintained throughout the enjoyment of this strong but exceptionally tasty treat. So much so that you might want to invest in some ice making machines to keep them coming.

The antebellum mint julep

Once you’ve figured out how to pronounce that, you’ll definitely feel like you deserve a drink, and this one is well worth the work. It is smooth, mild and refreshingly tasty considering it is a variation of a regular mint julip on ice, systems of which make use of liquor instead of cognac.

Punch Romaine

This frozen delicacy was allegedly served to the passengers of the titanic on the final night of the voyage’s tragic end. Setting aside the irony of an ice-burg shaped drink being served on that night, this drink should be popular for many other reasons. It is delicious, unique and amazing to look at. Perhaps the reason why we don’t see more of them is that they require a large amount of shaved ice to concoct, so much so that you would need to get an ice maker on sale just to try making one. But if you ever get the chance to try one, it’s a hit, much like the Titanic was, because of the sheer amount of ice.

Spicy Shiso Smash

For something refreshing with an exotic twang (and no that doesn’t mean experimental), try out this mix of cucumber, perfectly crushed ice, Thai chilly and Shiso leaves, muddled into a tall glass. There is of course alcohol, and in the spirit of the Eastern island life that birthed this beautiful creation, it is white rum, served with plenty of ice.

Making and enjoying great cocktails is as much about the ingredients as it is the tools, and what better way to keep your supply of ice constant than by kitting your bar or kitchen out with an ice machine that makes the perfect cubes in the right quantities, all the time.

If you are interested in getting yourself an ice machine, then contact Scotsman’s Ice systems or visit their website for more information on the various products they have on offer; and you can get just what you need to make the coolest cocktails in town.