Ice Machine Heads

Cuber Heads are factory-made in standard widths of 22″, 30″, and 48″. Ice storage bins and ice distributors are intended to be the same standard breadths to easily accommodate the standard ice machine heads.

Some ice storage bins are larger than 48″, reaching up to 60″ wide.  Most of the standard width cuber heads can be fixed on the larger ice storage bins, even the models that are much wider, with the use of bin top convertor kits, which covers the open space on top of the bin and allows the head to sit firmly.  In some instances, multiple cuber heads can be positioned on the larger bins. If you are buying a cuber head and an ice storage bin or a cuber head and an ice dispenser, be sure to allow space for the bottom wider unit (the dispenser or bin).

The Depth:

Dispensers and bins also have diverse depths from the cuber heads, so find out the equipment’s dimensions front to back to decide if you have space for it.


Furthermore to the physical space the equipment takes up, many ice machine heads and ice maker distributors necessitate additional clearance behind, above and on one or both sides of the unit for concerns like space for water, air circulation and electrical hook-ups. These extra clearances tend to range between 3 to 8 inches, so check the equipment stipulations before buying.

The Height:

If your kitchen or facility has a low ceiling, you will need to pay close consideration to the actual height of the ice machine equipment.  This means not only the height of the ice machine head, but also the entire height of the storage bin or ice dispenser and their supports.

For locations with restricted space from floor to ceiling, several producers create models with a ‘Low Profile’ version.  The ‘Low Profile’ models manufacture the same amounts of ice as the regular models, but the cabinets have been turned on their sides and the internal components rearranged to minimalize the cabinet’s height, saving some inches on top.  Take note that the ‘Low Profile’ models will be wider than the regular models and so will trade off that extra space and add it to the breadth of the equipment. For now this will be all that you need to know, take into consideration what you have just read as it will save you an incredible amount of money as well as time and space.