Your next summer party, whether it’s for a birthday or just a get together, needs something a little bit different to mix things up; and fortunately, finding unique ideas that would be loved by all your guests is not as difficult a task as you would imagine.

So, combat the heat and the need to feast on delicious treats at your next gathering by serving something delicious, refreshing and easy to make, using these simply ice-based treats which will have your guests coming back for more.

Getting creative with Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are critical to any hot party since warm drinks only make your guests uncomfortable. Since you need them there, why not get a little creative and add a little flavour to your ice blocks. Doing it is easier than you think:

  • Berry Fizzers

Pop some blueberries or blackberries into your ice tray with a dash of seltzer to create inexpensive and delicious additions to fruity cocktails and citrussy drinks. These refreshing little cubes are easy to make, take very little time and will liven up even the dreariest glass at your party.

  • Wine Cubes

Wine isn’t always served chilled, but there is nothing wrong with throwing tradition to the wind when getting creative. White wine on the other hand is best served cold, so why not throw a little into your ice tray for a refreshing change. Champaign, thanks to its fizz is also a great one to freeze into cubes, and it goes down wonderfully with sangria.

  • Coffee Blocks

Too hot for a cup of coffee? That’s no reason to deprive your guests of their much-needed caffeine. Have you considered making frozen coffee blocks for better effect?

Any Flavour Slushies

Everybody loves a slushy, and it’s probably because they are easy enough to flavour to their liking, and they are easy enough to make.

Stock up on a variety of Kool-Aid flavours (or something similar), use a blender or shaved ice-machine and mix them together with sugar to taste.

It only takes five minutes to make a batch and is endlessly enjoyable.

Berry Yogurt Smoothie Pops


Mix some Greek Yogurt and fresh berries up and freeze them into delicious lollies that can be handed out at your next gathering. The recipe also works with chocolate, fudge, peanut-butter, cookie pieces and all other manner of delicious, freeze-able treats.

Get your Hands on an Ice Machine

To make the preparation of these meals an even easier affair, why not consider investing in an ice machine that can give you a steady supply of cubes, shaved and crushed ice. Contact Scotsman’s Ice Machines South Africa for more details on their selection of new and used machines.