Ice is used for cooling drinks and other products. Ice manufacturing has interesting methods and principles that are beneficiary and profitable for certain businesses. Ice manufacturing is one of the most proactive businesses because ice is a product that is in demand and it is used for different reasons.

Cooling fish with ice

Ice is one of the medium methods that are used for cooling fish. Ice has a large cooling capacity for a different weight or volume and it is portable and cheap. One of the benefits of cooling fish with ice is that ice is valuable for preserving fish to avoid bad smell. One of the rapid methods of cooling is through an intimate contact between fish and small pieces of ice. The ice keeps the fish cold, glossy, moist and fresh. Cooling fish with ice also prevents the dehydration that could also accompany other methods of cooling fish such as, refrigeration storages without ice. Fish needs to be protected for it not to go to waste, fresh fish is known to be tasty and it is easy to cook. Another advantage of using ice to cool fish is that ice has its own thermostat and since fish is mainly in water the ice then maintains the fish temperature just slightly above the fish.

The reason why ice should be used as a cooling substance for wish is that the difference in temperatures such as solid dioxide or liquid nitrogen makes the fish be cooled at a great consumption. When the fish is in close contact with the ice then it can rapidly become frozen. Fish can be damaged by a sudden immersion in low-temperature liquids. Fish needs to be kept frozen. Ice is also one of the cheapest methods to keep fish frozen because you do not need a lot of equipment to hold or carry the ice especially when going fishing. Fishers always use cooler boxes to put the fish in while it has been caught. The cooler box is then added with ice to keep the fish in direct contact with the ice so that it can be cooled for long and to keep the fish fresh.

The ice that is used to cool the fish must be made from water that is fit to drink. Whichever method that is used to manufacture ice requires clean and pure water. To produce a tonne of ice may require 30 to 80 kilowatts hours of electricity because high power is required to keep the ice intact and cold for long.

Scotsman Ice system

Scotsman Ice system manufactures long-lasting ice that can cool fish and keep it fresh for long.