Ice is not something that generally crosses our minds unless of course it’s a hot summer’s day or you just need an ice pack for an injury or for that perfect cocktail. Ice is ice? It’s all them same, It’s just water frozen in a solid state, right? Well yes and no. Yes all ice is water in a solid state, but no, it’s not all the same. Now you may be thinking to yourself: “Obviously!! There are different shapes and sizes!!” And you’re right, there are many different shapes and sizes of ice but did you know that those differences are made for specific purposes? That standard ice tray in your freezer is just the tip of this here iceberg… Iceberg? Get it? Anyway, dry jokes aside. Knowing the different types of ice may help you in selecting the correct ice for your cocktails, food displays as well as for your events.

  1. The Classic Cube

This is by far the most common type and it can be found in most households. This particular shape is very popular in places that serve drinks, such as bars and restaurants; you’re also more likely to find this type of ice in ice dispensing machines. The size of the classic cube is perfect for almost every drink, as it cools it quicker and it keeps it cooler for longer and it does not melt as quick as other types of ice.

  1. The Flake Ice

You may not be familiar with the term “flake ice” but I can assure you, you know what it is. You’ve seen it more times than you know. Flake ice is found in most supermarkets used to display fish, because of its soft edges, it will not bruise the fish. Restaurants and salad bars use it to hold salad containers. It is also a good choice to use for transporting perishable food.

  1. The Crescent

Lending its name from its shape, the crescent may not be as common as the previous two but it also has its unique function, due to its half-moon shape the ice does not pack together and liquids are able to easily flow over it without splashing.  This type of ice is perfect for soft drinks.

  1. The Gourmet Ice

As the name suggests this ice is perfect for those special elegant functions, upscale restaurants and banquets.  With its unique cylindrical shape, this ice will not dilute your drink, well not as quickly as the other types.

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