“Hi, I’m Michalis
and I am the Scotsman
brand ambassador!”

World Champion

WBC Runner-Up

Michalis Recipes

Coffee Negroni

20 ml Campari
25 ml Gin
20 ml Red vermouth
20 ml Cold brew

Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass with Scotsman Gourmet Ice (any size) and stir 40 times.
Serve in an old-fashioned glass with Large Gourmet Ice. Garnish with a peel of orange.

Type of ice:
Scotsman Medium Gourmet Ice


10 ml Ginger syrup
15 ml Passion fruit
15 ml Vanilla syrup
40 ml Rum
10 ml Cold brew

Scotsman Medium Gourmet Ice for the preparation (mixing glass stir) and Nugget Ice for the presentation. Put all the ingredients in the shaker. Shake with Scotsman Medium Gourmet Ice, then strain in a tall glass filled up with Nugget Ice and enjoy!

Type of ice:
Scotsman Nugget Ice


60 ml Almond milk
10 ml Caramel syrup
30 ml Cold brew
30 ml Rum

Use a mixer with Scotsman Half Dice Ice. Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass with Scotsman Half Dice and stir. Serve in a tall glass.

Type of ice:
Scotsman Half Dice Ice

Michalis’s Choice

30 ml Cranberry juice
40 ml Rum
15 ml Caramel syrup
20 ml Cold drip
15 ml Pineapple

Shake all ingredients with Medium Gourmet cubes – strain in a highball glass filled with Nugget ice. Garnish with a slice of pineaple.

Type of ice:
Scotsman Nugget Ice