If you run a restaurant, pub, club or watering hole, you’re probably already aware of the importance of having a steady supply of ice in your establishment. Warm drinks and a lack of icy cocktails and deserts will do nothing for the satisfaction of your patrons, which is why so many owners of such establishments get ice delivered to their premises on a regular basis.

But there is a more efficient and cost effective way, especially when looking in the long-term. You may find that investing in your own ice machine that can keep up with demand while creating high quality, refreshing and clean ice is the better option.

But purchasing an ice machine for your establishment is not to be done lightly. There are a few things you should consider about the needs of your business first:

What Type of Ice do you require?

You’ll want an ice machine that is right for your business. Cubed ice is generally the most in demand for restaurants and bars, but does your establishment specialise in frozen desserts or lavish cocktails?

In these cases, you might need a machine that produces flaked ice which is more appropriate for summery desserts and drinks.

What Condenser Type do you need?

There are three condenser types when it comes to ice machines, air-cooled, remote condensers and water cooled machines.

Air cooled condensers are the most popular for establishments in the ice business because they are generally all-purpose and are easily fitted into your establishment while providing affordability and lowered utility costs.

If you need to lessen the amount of noise and heat in your establishment, remote ice machines are often the best choice. They produce noise and heat outside, removing it from your establishment’s indoor spaces and is fairly effective in cooler climates. They are, however, often more expensive to run and to find spares for.

When you need to produce ice on a large scale, then water-cooled ice machines might be the way to go; though they are not always practical unless you need a lot of ice, very little noise and next to no heat while using slightly less electricity. They do guzzle through water however especially when not used with a cooling tower, and may even be illegal in areas with restricted water usage.

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As you can see, selecting an ice machine that is right for your business is no simple task. So why not speak to a professional for more advice before making your purchase. Contact a consultant from Scotsman’s Ice Machines South Africa today for more details on selecting the machine that is right for you.