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There are many instances and industries where ice is a necessary part of daily activities. You might need to store cold goods, drop cubes in delicious cocktails, create delicious frozen desserts or simply need to enable your guests and customers to enjoy an ice-cold drink on a hot summers day. Whatever the reason and approach, many businesses need a steady and reliable supply of ice cubes to ensure that they keep their customers happy. For many businesses, the best answer to this is to get their own ice machines; others, on the other hand, might find it more practical and cost effective to simply find a worthwhile ice supplier. But the question stands, which of these two approaches would best suit your business. We aim to help you find out.

Reasons to Opt for an Ice Supplier

There are a number of reasons why you would prefer to use an ice supplier instead of getting a machine. Firstly, there is the substantial cost of investing in one, which many businesses simply cannot afford to do. Secondly, if the capacity of the establishment ordering the ice is not high enough to warrant the expense and need for a machine, then there is no need to get one. There are also additional costs associated with manufacturing ice, namely water, electricity, as well as wear and tear on the equipment. Those businesses that are not prepared to meet such costs, or simply don’t need to, should rather work with an ice supplier in the short term, and consider a machine once they start expanding.

Reasons to Buy a Machine

There are also a number of reasons to opt for a machine, especially considering they come in varying capacities that suit the needs of different businesses quite well. The first advantage, especially for those that use a lot of ice, is that it will work out much cheaper in the long run. They also allow you to create ice on demand to ensure that you get the right amounts and at the right quality. If you have your own ice machine there is no relying on ice suppliers to deliver. Late or non-deliveries can seriously impact your business or restaurant especially in those hot summer months. If ice is not delivered it can lead to loss of sales and poor customer satisfaction. 

Contact Scotsman Ice Machines for Details

The decision you make will depend entirely on your needs, expectations for growth, budget, space for equipment and your approach to service. If you would like to find out more about using Scotsman Ice Machines as your supplier for ice machines and would like to invest in one of our high-quality machines, contact one of our representatives or take a look at our website for details.