Ice plays a large role in many culinary creations. From cocktails to puddings, the kitchen is usually where you would find uses for ice. There are, however, many more uses for this substance that most people are not aware of. We will discuss these (and how to ensure that you have a constant supply of ice through the use of an ice making machine) below.

  1. Watering house plants

You may have a plant growing in your house that is often left dry because it is a strange one to water. If it’s a mission to get water into your plant for some reason just drop a couple of ice cubes into the soil. The ice will melt slowly, giving your plant a stead y supply of water. The trick is that it is a slow release, pouring ice cold water on your plant will shock it.

  1. Clean that skinny, dirty vase

If you have a very narrow vase, it has been found that a mixture of ice, lemon and salt, shaken about can sufficiently give it a clean.

  1. De-fat soups

If you drop a few blocks of ice into your soup, the fat will be drawn to the ice. You can then scoop some of the fat out with the cubes. This has something to do with the fact that the surface of the ice and the liquid around it are at different temperatures. Wait for your soup to cool down a little first.

  1. Remove furniture dents

You want to move the couch again but you’re afraid you’ll have to look at the old position left in the carpet. Those dents can be quite annoying. An easy way to get rid of them is to leave ice on them. Let the ice melt and then use a brush to stimulate movement in the fibers. To the chagrin of your house mate you can now feel free to move your furniture around as much as possible.

  1. Help remove stains

Oh no it happened again! You threw wine in the face of your ex. Before you storm off, remember to tell them that ice will help draw out the stain because by cooling the fabric it gives it some leeway.

  1. Numb your tongue

For whatever reason you need to numb your taste buds (medicine, Aunt Suzie’s terrible Bolognese) ice may be able to dampen your taste buds long enough to pull off a well-rehearsed fake smile. You’ll want a nice fresh, misty block, like the ice cubes you get in bars.

“Ice Me!”

The tricky thing about ice though, is that it melts, which means you’ll need a steady supply. If you need as much ice as that previous sentence suggests, Scotsman Ice Systems have a good selection of machines which will undoubtedly meet your ice needs. You may have thought ice machines were just for restaurants, but there are smaller, much more affordable ones, that produce about 32kg’s of ice a day.