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Ice is everywhere in our world, in our drinks, on shelves, at restaurants and cafes, and believe it or not, it is also used to a great extent in hospitals. Yes there are cafes and restaurants in these institutions, and it stands to reason that they would need a steady supply of ice to properly service their customers. But hospitals have many other uses for ice, some of them highly specialised. Let’s take a closer look at the use of medical ice makers here.

In the Lab

A great many processes that occur in labs at hospitals require careful temperature control, especially where ambient temperatures and biological samples are concerned. When used in a lab, ice needs to come as flakes to be used most effectively; which is why you will often see laboratory ice makers producing flakes on a consistent basis in medical testing and analysis labs.

For Traumatology

Ice has been used for the initial stage of treatments for years. IT has, in fact, become common knowledge that sprains and other injuries incurred to muscles and tissue should be put on ice immediately. The nature of wounds treated in traumatology generally relate to accidents, physical injuries which, if not treated with ice immediately, can have much longer healing times.

Preserving Tissue

It is also well known that living tissue degrades, decomposes when removed from a living host. This means that there needs to be specialised preservation procedures that keep living tissue in suspension while they are being stored, transported or used. Ice is a wholly effective way of keeping extracted living tissue in good condition, and is just one more reason why you will always find ice machines in hospitals.

Ice in Cryotherapy

Well, the name ‘cryotherapy’ says it all. Cryotherapy, or cold-therapy as it is sometimes called, is the general use of lowered temperatures to treat tissue lesions in the body. The theory behind these treatments is that by immersing the body in a very cold environment for a couple of minutes can provide a number of health benefits such as reducing migraines, numbing nerves, treating mood disorders, and reducing pain from arthritis; to name but a few applications.

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