Summer is around the corner and every South African knows how hot and almost unbearable some of our summer days can be. Summer is the time for swimming, braaing, watching the game with your mates and just having an overall good time. Ice is essential during these times when it feels like your house was suddenly teleported to the surface of the sun.

The sun is shining, the fire is lit and the drinks are on ice. Oh wait, they aren’t on ice because you do not own an ice machine. Your mate was supposed to bring a bag of ice but he forgot and now you are stuck with a cooler box filled with beverages and no ice to keep them cold. You can go and buy a bag of ice quickly but the game is about to kick off and you don’t want to miss a single second.

Imagine you had your very own ice machine at home. You will never have to worry about buying another bag of ice for the rest of your life or worry about that friend who always forgets the ice, you will have your own fresh ice every day. You can use the ice to pour into a cooler box so that all your beverages can stay cold or you can throw a block or 2 into that whiskey that you only drink on special occasions and for goodness sake please don’t add any water to it.

Ice machines are rather amazing pieces of machinery that produces ice to keep your drinks cool on any hot day. Cubed ice is for cooling down that tall glass of cold drink or to throw into a cooler box to keep everything nice and chilled.

Many people are under the impression that ice machines only belong in restaurants and bars but this is a huge misconception. You can own your very own ice making machine today with Scotsman Ice Systems. They supply a wide variety of ice making machines that are perfect for home and office use as well larger scale uses such as restaurants and bars.