With regards to your personal ice maker, you are always required to handle it with care.


If your hands aren’t clean and you scoop out ice with your dirty hands, you are potentially carrying your germs not only onto your ice but into your drink too. These germs can cause illness.

Consider This:

Ice is classified as a form of food and ice should be handled with the same care as the other foods you consume.


       Ice shouldn’t be handled with unwashed hands

       Ice shouldn’t be touched with bare hands when you are ill

       Ice shouldn’t be handled with dirty scooping tools.

In order to prevent contamination as much as possible, personal hygiene and cleaning practices make for a best practice

Methods to Avoid Contamination

There are a number of ways to avoid falling ill from ice consumption:

  • One way is to keep sick people away from the ice machine. This will help with preventing the spread of germs to the ice making machine, storage equipment, and ice scooping apparatus.
  • If you have an open wound on your hand, be sure to bandage it or cover it with a glove before touching the ice within the machine.
  • Bare hands should be avoided when handling ice – the use of ice scoops are a better alternative.
  • While using your bare hands isn’t ideal, if one needs to use their hands, a glove should be used and the hands must be washed properly beforehand.
  • Care should be taken when using ice machines and tools related to its usage.

Another thing one can do is to make a sanitation plan. This plan needs to include a cleaning timetable, and each particular part of your ice machine unit should be addressed. For example, if your machine is situated in a high-traffic area, and is in an area more susceptible to food borne pathogens, then your cleaning should be done regularly.

Ice making machines can easily be used universally for a wide variety of purposes. These systems are durable and made from high-quality materials. However, maintaining the sanitation and hygiene of yourself and the ice making machine is vital. Scotsman Ice Systems is a provider of high-quality ice making machines. Scotsman Ice Systems knows the importance of providing high-quality machines that deliver great ice.