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The Role of Ice In Medicine

We all know the general role of ice in our daily lives, we find ice cubes in our freezers, we find them in our cold drinks at the fast food joints and we use them in a bag when we have hurt our muscles or joints. Or we know ice to be the main feature of a viral internet awareness campaign, the ice bucket challenge of 2014. But those who are not in the industry, might not know the whole process or the role ice plays within science and medicine, that we all benefit from it every day. It might seem a bit obvious now that we think about it, but we don’t fully appreciate the role it plays.

Fighting Stereotypes

It might be a bit of a stereotype when we think of the science of medicine, we think of white lab coats, goggles, and a bunch of beakers and test tubes filled with various chemicals and lots of journals to record everything that happens and measure if it went according to their hypothesis. In reality that is kind of true, but it is a lot more serious than the idea of just mixing liquids. Instead there are very serious and controlled elements and factors that are used to influence the outcomes of all the elements and chemicals, and creations. This is often done with many factors, including ice and ice in various forms.

The Importance of Ice

Ice is often used for keeping certain elements and concoctions cool and at safe temperatures for travel. Flake ice is generally the type of ice that would be used in a laboratory setting because of its flexibility and the way that it allows for the perfect cold temperature. It is used to keep certain things alive, such as blood, organs, or even bacteria so that it can be used at a later stage. The ice is here to help us ensure that the medication we receive is safe, and effective.

Scotsman’s Ice SA

Ice has a greater influence on our lives than we could ever imagine. Thankfully there has been plenty of research done with ice that has allowed us to live our happy and healthy lives. To get an ice machine to suit your needs, whether it is for personal use, medical use or business, Scotsman’s Ice Head Office is able to supply you with the perfect machine, perfect for your needs.