What is a cocktail without ice in it? I mean ice makes a drink tastes good and it is refreshing. Now that spring is around the corner it is going to get really hot and we are going to need something to cool us down. Ice drinks are different and the most common ice drinks are cocktails. Ice cocktails are trending and there are different and tasty cocktails that have been created. Ice in a cocktail not only chills the drink but also makes it more tasty and delicious.

Type of ice

There are four types of ice which are ice cubes, cracked ice, shaved ice and block ice. The only difference about these forms of ice is the shape but they all do the same job which is to cool a drink. You can also use them for different drinks. Cracked ice melts faster and it is smaller than cubes, cracked ice is used for frozen drinks and in blenders. Cracked ice is also good for homemade drinks because it does not take long to melt.

Shaved ice is very fine ice that is used to make shakes thicker and smoother. You can also use it to make snow cones. Another commonly used ice form is blocked ice, this ice is used for drinks such as brandy and whisky it takes time to melt and it keeps the drink tasty and enjoyable. Some people prefer their whisky “on the rocks” because it has a strong taste ad the ice blends so smoothly. Every ice shape is unique and you can use ice in a cooler box for place such as, a pool party, picnic and at an event that requires you to bring your drinks. Ice can cool drinks for long periods of time and they are refreshing. You might think that ice is not important but the truth is that ice is very helpful especially on hot summer days. You can also put ice in plain tap water just to give the water a more chilled and refreshing taste.

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