We often wonder how ice is produced in large quantities and how it is able to stay cold for long. There are methods and machines that are being used to produce ice. Ice is used to cool different foods, products as well as in different drinks that are fleshing especially in hot summer days.

Ice making system

A metal tray is connected to a set of coiled heat exchanging pipes that are similar to the ones on the back of a refrigerator. A compressor then drives a stream of a refrigerant fluid in a continuous cycle tube which is called the condenser. This tool releases it into a wider tube that is called the evaporator where it can expand.

An icemaker has a water pump that draws water from a collection sump which pours it over the cold ice tray. When the water flows over the tray, it freezes and builds up ice cubes in the well of the cold tray. This method creates clear ice because you freeze it layer by layer.

In order for the ice to trigger a solenoid valve it needs to be set for a large amount of time in so that it can connect the heat exchanging coils. Switching the valve changes the path of the refrigerant. A compressor stops forcing the heated gas from the compressor into the condenser. It forces the gas into a wide bypass tube, and then the hot gas is cycled back into the evaporator without condensing. If you force the hot gas through the evaporator pipes then the pipes and the ice tray will heat up rapidly which loosens the ice cubes.

This system is commonly used in restaurants and hotels because it makes ice cubes with a standard shape and size. These cubes are used for ice buckets to keep the Champaign and ciders cool for their customers. Although ice is used for different reason and there different ices that are done the same way but they are crushed differently. Other businesses, such as grocery stores use smaller ice flakes for packaging perishable items.

Ice works in different places and to cool different products. Ice manufacturing is growing because different businesses use it for their business whether it is for fishing or for a bar to make refreshing cocktails. Ice is playing a big role.

Scotsman Ice systems

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