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I like to think that we’ve all been in this position before. You’re standing in front of your freezer on a scorching summer day looking for something cold to put in your mouth when your eyes dart over the accumulated frost on the inside of your freezer. There seems to be plenty of it, certainly more than enough to give you what you are looking for, but just because you can eat it doesn’t mean you actually should. Most of us may toy with the idea for a few seconds before dropping it and looking for something with actual nutritional value; but then not everybody is in to doing the same thing. There is actually a word for an eating disorder that has its sufferers actively searching out things which are only barely considered edible and generally has no nutritional value; Pica.

What Exactly is it?

Pica has been defined as an eating disorder whereby people actively eat and enjoy eating things that are otherwise not considered fit for human consumption; particularly because they have little or no nutritional value. Conditions are only applicable to pica if they persist for more than a month, and when left unchecked, can actually have dire consequences for a person’s health.

Is Eating Freezer Frost Safe?

Since this disorder often results in snacks on freezer frost, it is a good idea to get the lowdown on the side-effects and health risks of doing it. Under sub-zero temperatures, bacteria, microbes, yeast and moulds are put into a state of stasis. While frozen, these contaminants pose very little danger to people, however, once they are ingested and thawed, the contaminants spring back into life. This means that the ice essentially goes off, meaning it should be treated in the same way as perishable foods. The ice in your freezer builds up over time, which means that by the time it is substantial enough to snack on, it has likely taken on a number of dangerous contaminants by then. So, it might seem harmless enough clinging to your freezer, but in reality can be exceptionally dangerous.

Do Normal Ice Cubes Count?

Ice cubes, while providing about the same nutritional value as freezer-frost, doesn’t come with the dangers of contamination since they are usually made and consumed with little time between them. Still, if the ice has been sitting in a tray for too long, chances are that it won’t do you any good.

Rather Get your Ice from a Machine

Ice machines, on the other hand, generally have a quick turnaround and consumption time, meaning that even when it is stored, it is still likely safe to eat; they are, however, still better for cooling drinks than killing hunger. If you would like to know more about sourcing an ice machine for personal use, a restaurant or an ice business, contact a representative from Scotsman’s Head Office South Africa, or visit our website for details.