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Situating Your Ice Machines for Maximum Performance

Having an ice making machine is a luxury to some and a necessity to others. They are commonly used in commercial setups, such as in restaurants, cafes, and bars; though they are also found in homes where their owners use them to entertain guests or to always have a steady supply of ice. However, depending on the type that you are operating, they have some very specific needs; and when it comes to draining them, these needs generally point to its physical location. It seems odd to talk about the effects of the placement of an appliance in ensuring its operations; but depending on the type of drainage system your machine uses, the way in which you position it in your kitchen or bar, can make all the difference to its functionality and its lifespan. Don’t believe me; here’s how.

Gravity Drain Ice Machines

Gravity drain ice machines utilise the natural power of Earth’s gravity to remove water condensation from the machine. Because physics is the force that it relies on, the positioning of your ice making machine has a lot to do with how well it can drain. For instance, the machine should never be more than a single meter away from the drain, anything further away and the water will have trouble getting to its destination and may stagnate in the machine.

Another consideration for gravity drain machines, is that, because they use gravity, the machine itself should be situated higher than the draining outlet. This allows the water to flow downward with relative ease. Should the machine be below the drain, the water will need to travel vertically upward, struggling against the forces of gravity, undermining its ability to be drained.

Progressive Water Discharge Ice Machines

Progressive water discharge systems, which are typical to those manufactured by Scotsman, take a unique and functional approach to drainage that gives you more freedom with regards to the location of your machine. It allows you to situate the machine up to 15 meters away from the drain, giving you far more flexibility. Additionally, because it is powered by a pump, the machine can sit up to 1.5 meters below the drain without causing any problems.

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