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When Is It Time To Repair Your Ice Machine?

The reality of life is that the more you use things, or the longer you have it, the more likely it is going to need a repair or need a service to keep each part of it working perfectly. It is important to repair and service your machines and equipment for many reasons, such as hygiene or producing a high quality service or product.  The same applies to your ice machine, whether it is your personal ice machine at home, the one you use in your bar, restaurant or café, or anywhere else, you need it to be making the right amount of ice and in the best quality.

Ensuring You Have A Warranty

Not every company or brand that you buy your ice machines from, will include a warranty, or at least not a very inclusive one. This is an important quality to pay attention to as your current machine did not come cheap, and to repair it down the line might not be either. A warranty is a brand’s way of saying, “we trust our products, and you can too.” This helps you feel reassured that your products are of a great quality and that if it does need a little TLC, you will be able to get a quality service when it gets serviced or repaired.

Signs That You Need A Product Repair

When things work a bit hard they sometimes break down, or if they haven’t been cared for, but thankfully there are early warning signs to let you know before something serious happens and you have to replace the whole unit. If your ice machine is suddenly leaking, that is a great indicator that something isn’t working as well as it should be. If your Ice machine is suddenly running at a higher temperature than it used to, or if there are any issues with the flow of water within the machine, then it is definitely time to call the “guy”.

Scotsman’s Ice SA

If you need you need to know more about repairing your ice machine, the warranty or to find the perfect spare parts, be sure to contact Scotsman’s Ice Machines Head Office!