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Icey Facts

Ice is not something that generally crosses our minds unless of course it’s a hot summer’s day or you just need an ice pack for an injury or for that perfect cocktail. Ice is ice? It’s all them same, It’s just water frozen in a solid state, right? Well yes and no. Yes all ice is… Continue Reading

Ice Bath Dos and Don’ts

An ice bath is one the most effective ways of rapidly healing sore muscles after that big running competition. When you immerse your body in a tub full of ice, the swelling in the muscles goes down and your body is able to reduce the amount of lactic acid in your body, which is produced during… Continue Reading

Why Flake Ice Is Used For Fish

Flakes and Scales Flake ice is a loose term used to describe types of ice which consist of irregular shaped pieces. These pieces can vary in size from very small; almost snow like particles up to fairly large pieces of ice 50mm across and in thickness of up to 10mm.These different ice types, while superficially… Continue Reading

Ice Machines

Scotsman Ice Machines Here at Scotsman Ice Machine we manufacture in five different ice machines.  There is variety of affordable ice-making machines since 1950. We are the largest manufactures in the world; we also have the best service agents over a hundred countries and over a million of Scots man ice makers. The best convince… Continue Reading

The importance of hygiene and sanitation when making ice

With regards to your personal ice maker, you are always required to handle it with care. Remember: If your hands aren’t clean and you scoop out ice with your dirty hands, you are potentially carrying your germs not only onto your ice but into your drink too. These germs can cause illness. Consider This: Ice… Continue Reading

Ice Makers: Draining and Ice Production Rates

With such a large variety of different ice shapes, ice maker manufacturers, applications and models, it’s important to know the fundamentals, in order to choose an ice maker that suit your specific needs. Commercial units are usually used in places such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. Home Ice Makers, particularly built-in and under-counter ice… Continue Reading

The 5 different types of ice

The 5 different types of ice. Full Cube Ice Best ice for: Mixed drinks, soft drinks, bagged ice and ice dispensers. Ice makers that produce this type of ice are best for: Ice Selling Businesses, Hotels, restaurants and bars. The machines that produce this type of ice will produce the fairly large dice cubes that… Continue Reading

The convenience of having an ice machine in your home

Summer is around the corner and every South African knows how hot and almost unbearable some of our summer days can be. Summer is the time for swimming, braaing, watching the game with your mates and just having an overall good time. Ice is essential during these times when it feels like your house was… Continue Reading

The role that ice plays in a refreshing drink

What is a cocktail without ice in it? I mean ice makes a drink tastes good and it is refreshing. Now that spring is around the corner it is going to get really hot and we are going to need something to cool us down. Ice drinks are different and the most common ice drinks… Continue Reading

The unique ways of making ice

We often wonder how ice is produced in large quantities and how it is able to stay cold for long. There are methods and machines that are being used to produce ice. Ice is used to cool different foods, products as well as in different drinks that are fleshing especially in hot summer days. Ice… Continue Reading